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Why choose us?

Ok, so you're thinking about what we can do to benefit your business. But why should you choose us and not one of the other hundreds of web design corporations out there?

  • We care: We're a small business. Our success depends infinitely on the success of our clients. If you don't make any money, we've lost a client, you didn't make any money, and everyone is only worse off. For this exact reason the success of your business is our highest priority.
  • Quality: Whatever the project, we will continue working on it until both you and we are completely satisfied. A website lacking in quality is just about as good as having no website at all, and potentially much more disastrous, especially if it's the first thing your customers see. After all, would you buy from a business whose website looks like it was made by a monkey with a keyboard?
  • Abilities: To be successful in the web design field (or any other field, come to think of it), one needs to know what one's doing. And that's exactly what we do. We also have experience with the most common and powerful technologies used on the web today — and when we discover a new technology that may benefit our clients, we learn to utilise it so your site can have the latest technologies effectively and efficiently powering it.
  • Cost effectiveness: Small businesses never have money they can throw away. If you're reading this, chances are that you are a small business owner, and you may well be wincing (along with the rest of the nation) as you watch the total price climb when you fill up your car. And that's just one of the many things small businesses worry about paying for. We certainly don't want to add to that list, so we price our services very competitively, in order to allow you to get the site you've always wanted, and still have money left over to finish filling the tank.
  • Benefit students: Many of our employees are students, who, while now to the web development trade, are enthusiastic about learning important career skills for the future. We take full advantage of their enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things and direct it at one goal: creating a great site for you. With the occasional help from our senior staff members, they work hard to achieve this goal, and have always succeeded. For instance, take a look at our portfolio: all of our client sites have had student contributions, and their happy owners are quite, well, happy with the end product! And better yet, along with getting a fantastic website, you're also helping these students get a great education, which will later only help to improve your website further!
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