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About us

Want to know anything about us? This is the place! Several members of our team have histories that have involved TV news, where the basis for all news stories is to answer three or more of the "5Ws": who, what, when, where, and why. By answering the 5 questions, we can give you a rudimentary knowledge of Kinetiqu. Have further questions? Send them to us via one of the methods on our contact page.


A small band of previously freelance web and graphics designers who decided to unify their efforts to make the Internet a more enjoyable place to visit. We are joined in our quest by some local students with interest in the web design world. (And we have to say it, all of them have very visible talent! Take a look at our portfolio to look at some of their designs.)


A small web design operation (i.e. company).


Now. Hey, no time like the present to do good, right?


The small town of Fort Collins, CO. Want to see more? Virtually explore it in either the Google Maps window below, or in Google Earth by clicking here [KML file | 303 bytes]:



We saw multitudes of badly–designed and no–longer–updated websites that were, for lack of a better description, a shame to the web. So we took the only logical step: we formed a company that has embarked on a quest to improve the web and the many shameful sites it contains. And, to be quite frank, getting a bit of money (not much, though) certainly doesn't hurt. But mostly we're doing this to make the Internet a nicer and more interesting place for people to visit.

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