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Our capabilities

We pride ourselves on being a flexible business, able to adjust to almost any need a client might pose. Here's the most common customer needs. Need something different? Something beyond these services or technologies? Let us know, we'd be happy to try and accomodate your unique needs.


  • Static websites: Many websites today are static, meaning that users cannot request specific information (i.e. the site looks the same to everyone). Users cannot login or update stored information, and these sites are generally not very interactive. However, this type of site is quite sufficient for most household websites and small businesses. This type of website is great if it is going to be updated only occasionally, and if you need a website on a minimal budget.
  • Dynamic websites: Dynamic websites are increasingly popular and go beyond static websites in user interaction and content management, usually integrating databases for news and other frequently–updated sections, or even for the whole site. They also often allow users to login and request specific content that they want. These sites are much easier to update, and can be designed for easy updates by the owner, without needing to contact the developer. Some common uses include creating a database-based system that processes and displays release notes or item descriptions for downloadable content, as well as storing user information and giving them access to certain parts of a website based on their clearance level.
  • E–commerce: E–commerce websites are essentially online stores. Customers can select items in a virtual store, put them in a shopping cart, and when ready, pay for them via PayPal, Google Checkout, credit/debit card, or other online payment services. You are then automatically sent the customers' shipping information, so you can ship their purchases as soon as their payment clears. The items to be sold and prices can be stored in databases, and can even be updated remotely from any computer with Internet access, if you require such administative access. E–commerce sites are a subsection of dynamic sites.
  • Maintaining existing websites: Already have a website? We can maintain and update the website to your wishes. Don't like your current design(er)? We can port existing content on your current website to a brand–new design or, if your current website suits you, but is rapidly becoming inadequate as your business grows, we can even incorporate design changes or added functionality to the current site.
  • Domain and hosting setup/admin: Along with site design, we can also help you take a site (whether made by us or someone else) and put it on the web. Whether you must publish your site to a company web server or a commercial hosting service, we can help you get everything set up for easy updating, as well as modify the server settings to keep your site running efficiently. If this is your first website, we will help you register a domain name perfect for your business and set it up to work with your web host.


  • HTML 4
  • CSS 2
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • RSS
  • Wiki

Future technologies

  • Ajax
  • ASP
  • ColdFusion
  • Ruby on Rails
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