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We have created a good number of great (our clients' opinions, not just us bragging) websites. You can find them all here, along with some details about the technical aspects. As we are a service business, we know that the best way to show you what we know is to show you what we have done in the past. Some projects will be glorious, some a little more basic and standard. But whatever complexity the project, we have kept at it until we reached a stage when both the client and we were happy with the final product.

Andover Strings

Andover Strings is a partnership of two world–class music teachers in the Andover, MA area: Arkady Beletsky teaching cello and Bracha Kishinevsky teaching violin. The two knew that their old website needed to be redesigned, but neither had the time or expertise, which led them to choose Kinetiqu. With a request only to beautify the old site without editing content, apart from necessary updates, Kinetiqu was able to produce this site very quickly and efficiently. We saved the old site to allow clients to compare our quality of work: view it here.

Type of project: HTML, CSS, Google Maps API
Other services:
  • Administering hosting

Lawnmower Man Mowing

Lawnmower Man Mowing is a small lawn service company that prides itself on its quality and customer satisfaction. It offers cheap lawn work to residents of the Shepardson/Boltz area of Fort Collins, CO. Started several years ago by who is now a Kinetiqu staffer, it has been extremely successful in retaining customers and ensures that quality and customer happiness come first. If you live in its service area, be sure to give Lawnmower Man Mowing a try: we're sure you won't regret it!

Type of project: HTML, CSS, Google Maps API
Other services:

NL5 Electronic Circuit Simulator

NL5 is a revolutionary new non–linear electronic circuit simualtor from Sideline Soft. While most other simulators are based on the SPICE algorithm, NL5 uses a new, faster algorithm, allowing much faster calculation speeds with only a small trade–off on accuracy (or get a higher level of accuracy with only a minor loss in speed). By using ideal components for simulation, and modeling them with series of linear functions instead of using complex (and thus, slow) functions at every step of simulation, NL5 manages to be faster than SPICE on most circuits. At the present time, a beta version is available for download here. If your line of work involves any sort of circuit simulation (or most similar fields), give NL5 a try: you'll like your newfound power!

Type of project: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
Other services:
  • Redesigned old site
  • Database–centred news/release notes updating interface for quick and easy updates by owner

Sideline Soft

Sideline Soft is the parent company that created NL5. As NL5 is currently their only product, their overall website needed to be a versatile portal to any and all other websites they wanted to link to. We were able to satisfy their refined tastes with a relatively simple web page that currenly links only to NL5, but does so with style. even better, links to other sites can be easily added in a way to remain consitent with the previous design, but without losing any of the simplistic style of the current one–link page. Sideline Soft will likely expand in the future, so you might want to visit their site every once in a while. The next time you visit it may link to something you've always wanted to find!

Type of project: HTML, CSS
Other services:
  • Set up and currently administrating hosting

Kinetiqu Web Productions

This is our official company site, which you are currently perusing. We won't say we have a great site… explore and find it out for yourself!

Type of project: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Other services:
  • Providing hosting
  • Themes (one or more of which will satisfy any user) are under development

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